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mLink Integrated Technology Platform

Our advanced mLink integrated technology platform provides users with a single vendor resource and program management solution that controls data workflow throughout the entire process.

We are on a mission to help employers efficiently manage their workforce healthThe mLink platform provides seamless integration into real-time, data-driven analytics to manage productivity, fitness-for-duty and regulatory compliance, while supplying users with dedicated portal entry for on-demand site access 24/7. 

We deliver full-service exam management and occupational health services to help employers:

  • Maintain a healthy and deployable workforce 
  • Meet and exceed statutory and compliance-driven requirements 
  • Combine multi-vendor and complex programs into a single workforce management system  
  • Reduce administrative burdens to improve financial budgeting 
  • Generate single-source invoicing and provide program transparency 
  • Help increase productivity and reduce lost time 
  • Decrease workforce health care costs
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Innovative Healthcare Solutions to Help Employers

We understand that employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. Our healthcare solutions provide you with the tools required to increase health compliance and productivity while reducing overall program costs, relieving administrative burdens, and increasing transparency into the entire process. As your healthcare partner of choice, we are committed to delivering cost-effective, innovative workforce health solutions that connect people to the right data at the right time to the right people when you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mLink?

The Advanced Medical Solutions team is transforming the way we communicate with our clients. Our medical link technology solution – mLink –  provides Clients, Examinees, and Providers with a single-sourced vendor point of contact using an integrated technology platform that manages and streamlines data workflow for: 

  • Increasing service efficiencies and responsiveness 
  • Securing data protection and integrity 
  • Providing proven repeatable processes 

The mLink advanced technologies enhance our exam management processes and improves the accuracy and validity of important health data captured for maintaining a healthy workforce. We itemize individual services for accurate billing, providing insight and transparency into the program while improving communications throughout the exam process. 

How does your mLink technology platform impact me?

It is our mission to make your company and/or regulatory exam programs as seamless as possible while eliminating your need to manage and maintain the necessary records for compliance. The mLink system enables us to manage and control data workflow to provide clients with one-stop shop invoicing, increased productivity, decreased healthcare costs, and reduced lost time leading to better productivity.  

Using mLink, our client-focused medical solutions are cost-effective time to value and are personalized to your specific workforce configuration by: 

  • Providing End-to-End Quality Occupational Health Management Services 
  • Maintaining Quality & Consistency 
  • Accelerating the Recruiting & Onboarding Process 
  • Assisting in Finding the Right Candidate 
  • Keeping Employees – Well, Working and Productive 
How do I benefit? Why should I do business with you?

We focus on people, experience, performance, and understanding of the customer’s goals and objectives and adjust quickly according to unique needs.  

  • Service: Customer relationships and trust. Our diverse occupational health services can be customized into flexible Workforce Health Solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of each client. 
  • Process: Innovation and new ideas. Our mLink technology platform is process-focused for effective and efficient facilitation of our exam management process. 
  • Transparency: Track and retrieve medical information in real time. With access to both our management staff and systems, clients can track exam processes and connect with dedicated program personnel.  
  • Expertise: Proven past performance. We have a distinct reputation as an industry leader in providing full-service Workforce Exam Management and medical and occupational services. 
  • Onsite Mobile Medical ServicesOccupational health when you need it, where you need it. Our mobile medical services provide lower program costs and offer greater flexibility. 
Customer service support is important to me, what do you provide?

Using the mLink technology platform support services, we provide you with a seamless, responsive customer experience to ensure: 

  • 24/7/365 Accessibility to Data 
  • Data Security & Integrity 
  • 360° Customer Experience 
  • Data Analytics & Reporting 
  • Real-time Queues 
  • Personal Customer Service 
  • Omni Channel Communications for a singular experience across all  channels
My workforce is dispersed throughout the country. How do I ensure that they all receive the same level of care?

As one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce medical services, our Advanced Medical Services team provides cost-effective, customized medical programs especially designed for large and dispersed workforces. Due to our national and international reach, we maintain an experienced network of approximately 12,000+ health care facilities — and we continue to grow every day.  

With an extensive network of vetted health care professionals, we endeavor to provide medical exam services near to where your employees work and live. All medical results are reviewed by a team of licensed nurses and physicians that are familiar with your regulatory and company requirements, rendering consistent and defensible determinations for those medical results. 

Using our mLink integrated technology platform, we deliver Workforce Health Solutions that connect people to the right data at the right time to make the right decision. 

My industry requires that we assess occupational risks within the workplace. How can I better manage these compliance requirements?

The mLink technology platform provides users with the ability to manage annual regulatory requirements for exam scheduling, testing, monitoring, and tracking, and access to data entry and capture on-demand. Our Industrial Hygiene (IH) Services help you: 

  • Manage & track workforce health exam 
  • Conduct annual regulatory testing using a single vendor 
  • Minimize workforce risks for exposure to a wide variety of workplace hazards such as biologic, chemical, physical, safety, environmental and ergonomic 
  • Provide qualitative & quantitative determinations for regulatory requirements & compliance monitoring 
  • Conduct medical surveillance evaluations and testing 
How do I access my workforce health program information online?

The mLink technology platform reduces the cost of clients’ workforce health programs. It also enhances the efficiency of the exam management process and improves the accuracy and validity of the data produced. The system portals provides Clients, Examinees, and Providers a 360° customer experience with 24/7 access to enter, examine, and download data, as well as other user resources. 

Our client, examinee, and provider portals host separate secure login screens to maintain the overall integrity of information contained in mLink. For additional security, all uploads go through a rigorous security screening process. The benefits to you include: 

  • All document & data storage resides in a secure environment 
  • Fully integrated system for seamless data transfer functionality 
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) technology 
  • Ability to produce outgoing paperwork & recognize incoming documentation 
  • Data evaluation tools for trending & population analysis

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