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Acuity Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Mignogna, Chief Medical Officer

The Acuity Spotlight is our way of highlighting some of the incredibly talented individuals that we’re lucky enough to have on our team. At Acuity, we value diversity and inclusion and focus our attention on bringing candidates who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences onboard. Our mission is to build enduring relationships that provide secure, stable, and long-term predictable outcomes and we are grateful for the men and women of Acuity who embody our corporate values in everything they do.

Tell us a little bit about your background

I grew up in South Philly and attended Temple University for both undergrad and medical school. My mother and father were first and second-generation Italian child immigrants.

What does your job at Acuity entail?

As the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), I provide professional oversight to our exam management, drug testing programs, and international and humanitarian medical operations. I also participate in strategic planning while supporting the continued evolution of our healthcare information systems. I represent Acuity at a variety of industry events and work closely with our Safety & Hygiene professionals, Absence Management & Compliance teams, and health benefits providers.

Did you always know you wanted to go into the medical field?

My mom’s musical skills and dad’s career as an electronics engineer gave me an appreciation of the interplay between art and science. Taking humanities and basic science classes during college led to an interest in human health, leading to a career in medicine. I eventually met and married a lovely occupational health nurse 30 years ago that introduced me to occupational medicine; I’ve never looked back.

Which medical experiences have best prepared you for the Chief Medical Officer role?

Professional variety, both clinical and corporate, were paramount. I’ve worked shifts in busy trauma centers ranging from private occupational medicine offices to military medicine. My corporate occupational medicine education started with worksite visits, followed by rewarding time in Big Pharma and automotive manufacturing. That paired with attending training sessions and obtaining certifications, as well as remaining active in professional organizations, expanded my professional network giving me access to valuable resources and continuing education.

What will be the key challenges in healthcare administration in the near future?

Given our experience through the pandemic, expect to see greater participation in telemedicine/telehealth and challenges to medical state laws and regulations. A growing interest and reliance on healthcare data analytics will drive electronic health records interoperability creating a strong focus on privacy, security, and healthcare cost transparency. Lastly, administrations will be forced to address social determinants of health and their impact on access to and quality of healthcare.

What is the biggest misconception about healthcare?

Call me old school (with respect to Dr. Marcus Welby), the biggest misconception about healthcare in modern medicine is over-utilization and an over-reliance on testing, medications, and expensive diagnostic technology. To quote Dr. William Osler’s advice to physicians well over 100 years ago, “Listen to your patient; he is telling you the diagnosis.” Modern technology and miracle treatments are truly amazing and do save lives, but sometimes we simply just need to pause and listen.

March is National Nutrition Month, any tips, or pointers for those looking to stay and/or get healthy?

Our company’s most recent newsletter touched on this topic. Besides broadening your definition of healthy eating, limiting alcohol, and reducing screen time (a common snack and couch trigger), the USDA’s MyPlate and World of Flavors has great information about making informed food choices and developing healthy eating and physical activity habits. Also, learn How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Labels from the Food and Drug Administration.

About Dr. Joe Mignogna, MD, MPH, CIME, FACOEM

Dr. Mignogna, known throughout most of his medical career as “Dr. Joe,” was originally trained in family medicine. After his Air Force Medical Corps service in family medicine and aviation medicine, he transitioned into emergency medicine for several years and then finally settled into occupational medicine in the early 1990s. He’s held occupational medicine leadership positions with international pharmaceutical and automotive manufacturing organizations and currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for Acuity International in Cape Canaveral, FL, one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce health management programs. He has a particular interest in public safety and transportation medicine, as well as employee well-being and wellness. Dr. Mignogna has served as a Special Government Employee for the USCG National Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee (N-MEDMAC) since 2014. N-MEDMAC provides valuable assistance to the Department of Homeland Security on matters related to medical certification determinations for the issuance of licenses, certification of registry, and merchant mariners’ documents; medical standards and guidelines for the physical qualifications of operators of commercial vessels; medical examiner education; and medical research. In addition to his board certifications in family medicine, occupational medicine, and emergency medicine, he is also a certified independent medical examiner, medical review officer, and travel health consultant. He and his wife Jill are avid cyclists.

Connect with Dr. Joe at jmignogna@acuityinternational.com



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