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Acuity Spotlight: Matt Lowell, Balad Air Base Life Support/Security Services Project, Security Directorate, and Personnel Protective Officer (PPO)

The Acuity Spotlight is our way of highlighting some of the incredibly talented individuals that we’re lucky enough to have on our team. At Acuity, we value diversity and inclusion and focus our attention on bringing candidates who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences onboard. Our mission is to build enduring relationships that provide secure, stable, and long-term predictable outcomes and we are grateful for the men and women of Acuity who embody our corporate values in everything they do.

Which branch of the military did you serve in?

I served 13 years in The United States Air Force. I was in the Combat Arms and Security Forces field. I separated with an Honorable discharge as an MSgt (E-7).

What are some of the things you remember about adapting to military life?

I came from a military family so the adaptation to military life was not too difficult for me. My spouse was in the military as well and both of my boys were born on US bases, one stateside and one in Europe. The brotherhood and comradery of the armed forces were one of the most difficult things to let go of when I got out.

When did you leave the military? What were your first few months out of the service like?

I left the Military in 2008. Immediately following my separation, I spent two months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with my dog. I walked from Oregon down to Mt. Whitney in California. After that, I began work with a private security company overseas and returned to the brotherhood of arms.

How would you describe the work you do at Acuity and the impact it is making?

I feel that the work I do with Acuity is vital to the overall success and execution of the contract. I believe that without me and/or others like me doing our job, Acuity wouldn’t be as successful in fulfilling its obligations and current contracts. I take great pride in my job and am thankful that the US military as well as other US government agencies have provided me the training and skillset to effectively execute my protective service for all clients assigned to me.

What is your proudest career moment?

It is not too difficult for me to identify the proudest moment in my career. I have been deployed 11 times in the United States Air Force in support of freedom, I have flown security missions to 122 countries around the world, and I have been stationed on four different continents (and visited five).

I proudly served my country and fought the war on terrorism when called upon, I have provided security for VIPs, celebrities, and heads of state in both military and civilian functions, but the proudest moment I have was watching my boys grow to mature young men with solid values and follow in their father’s footsteps by joining the military and contributing to the betterment of man and not standing on the sidelines watching. Not failing as a father.


Matt Lowell

Matt Lowell is the Balad Air Base Life Support/Security Services Project, Security Directorate, and Personnel Protective Officer (PPO).



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