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Disaster & Emergency Response Services

Acuity provides disaster & emergency response services for a wide range of environments and situations. Our rapid response services are designed to ensure our clients receive high-quality, cost-effective care tailored to their exact requirements.

Our comprehensive health care and life support solutions range from on-site and mobile medical devices to worldwide emergency response. Our disaster & emergency response services include safe and secure emergency influx shelters, field hospitals, and state-licensed permanent shelters that provide a full spectrum of life support services.

Meanwhile, our rapid response emergency teams feature compassionate and knowledgeable physicians, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals who are ready to deploy anywhere in the world within 48 hours. They provide medical care, life support, and clinical and non-clinical counseling services, and are supported by technology that connects them with support staff for seamless remote case management.

What We Do:

  • Disaster relief operations
    • Rapid staff recruiting, mobilization, & deployment
    • Operational response within 72 hours
    • Turnkey program management
    • Frontline medical support
  • Comprehensive on-site solutions
    • Acquisitions & mission critical operations
    • Scalable shelter solutions
    • Tactical operation needs
    • Transportation services
    • Life support services
    • Complex logistical support
    • Security operations
  • Disaster case management
    • Social services
    • Proven remote case management & clinical counseling
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Disaster Relief: Efficiently Coordinating Expert Logistics for Rapid Aid Deployment

Acuity’s Disaster & Emergency Response Team swiftly addresses disasters through a diverse range of services, including logistics, security, temporary shelters, medical personnel, telehealth, and wrap-around services. When disaster strikes, our team excels in efficiency and expertise, seamlessly coordinating operations to quickly deliver essential supplies and aid to affected areas. Backed by a robust network of partners and resources, Acuity ensures no delays in reaching disaster-stricken regions, enabling rapid relief efforts. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to foresee challenges, craft customized strategies, and execute relief┬ásolutions with confidence.

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Humanitarian Services: Rapidly Mobilizing, Executing, & Scaling Initiatives for Lasting Impact

Our team’s expertise enables us to effectively and rapidly mobilize resources, implement proven processes, and expand our services to reach a wider population.

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Partner with Acuity International

We understand the value of providing opportunities to diverse suppliers and recognize the critical role that teaming with other companies can play in achieving mission success. To provide superior case management services, we routinely collaborate with companies of all sizes, including best-in-class small, veteran-owned, woman-owned, and minority-owned businesses that have capabilities and resources that augment or complement our products and solutions.

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