Coordinated and Comprehensive Social Work Case Management Services That Provide Vulnerable Populations with Vital Support, Care, and Resources

Acuity’s agile, interdisciplinary, and responsive social work case management services help government and social services agencies coordinate even the most complex social work cases across a variety of settings.

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Why Choose Acuity Social Work Case Management Services

During times of need or crisis, social work case management services can help connect impacted individuals and families to resources and services that improve their well-being, such as counselling, medical care, crisis intervention, and advocacy.

Acuity’s agile and turnkey social work case management services help government and social services agencies coordinate the health, safety, and welfare of impacted individuals – including immigrant young adults and family members – and ensure continuity of care as they navigate the social services system.

For more than 48 years, our experienced and certified social work case management team has helped governments, consulates, nongovernmental organizations, and commercial entities manage social work programs with rapid deployment, trusted oversight, and operations management – all in compliance with regulations and guidelines.

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What We Do

  • Dedicated, certified bilingual case managers
  • Immigrant social work case management
  • Interview tools
  • Secure data management, protection, and storage
  • Individual and family well-being and needs planning
  • Safety planning for vulnerable individuals or children
  • Counseling needs planning
  • Custom implementation plans
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Ongoing advocacy and support
  • Repatriation services
  • Innovative technology for tracking and reporting
  • In-person, video, or telephone communication
  • Compliance with regulations and social, immigration, and protective guidelines

Customized to meet the specific needs of your organization

An agile, tailored, and scalable solution for social work case management in any setting.

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Qualified and certified professionals

A national network of certified social work case managers prepared to assist with any social work case management need.

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Convenient and effective implementation

A turnkey, agile, and interdisciplinary approach backed by innovative technology to save time, improve coordination, and increase efficiencies – at scale.

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What are Social Work Case Management Services?

Social work case management services help government agencies, social services, healthcare organizations, and more ensure that vulnerable populations can navigate the social service system.

Through a tightly integrated, interdisciplinary approach, social work case managers help assess the needs of individuals and families at risk; create customized care plans; coordinate with other professionals in the administration of care; provide resources and education to their clients; and help clients advocate for themselves.

Case managers also document and track a client’s progress and perform regular follow-ups.

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Benefits of Social Work Case Management Services

Our society faces serious challenges – crime, violence, legal immigration, physical and mental abuse, substance abuse, and more. Social workers are needed more than ever – yet most spend more than 50% of their time doing paperwork-intensive case management tasks.

When combined with innovative technology, case management services relieve social workers and their employers of the burden of managing complex cases (such as helping immigrants transition and integrate) – freeing them to provide much-needed services to individuals, youth, and families.

Case managers also improve client outcomes by providing a coordinated and comprehensive approach to care that reduces obstacles to service delivery. Tasks can include needs assessment, developing a plan of care, coordinating with a network of service providers, connecting clients to resources and services, and monitoring progress.

When case management is used in social work, organizations realize greater efficiencies, economies of scale, compliance, and improved outcomes.

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Our Services

Acuity is one of the nation’s leading providers of social work case management services to federal, commercial, and international clients.

Our turnkey, highly customizable services combine skills and experience from interdisciplinary functions including medical care, sociology, psychology, public health, criminal justice, immigration, and program management to deliver a holistic approach to ensuring that all individuals have access to quality care, community resources, and ongoing advocacy.

From procurement through logistics and staffing, our agile approach to social work case management, coupled with our can-do attitude, innovative tooling, and strong ties to community partners, enables us to coordinate and manage complex social work cases while ensuring compliance with regulations, guidelines, and laws.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a social work case manager do?

Social work case managers play an important role in assisting and advocating for individuals and families – including immigrant children, adolescents, and adults – as they navigate the social services system.

Social work case managers coordinate individual well-being and needs assessments and collaborate with other professionals and service providers to develop care and treatment plans and provide referrals to services such as counseling, medical care, and community resources. They also leverage technology to manage records and track and report the progress of each case.

What is the difference between case management and social work?

Social workers and case managers often have overlapping responsibilities. However, while social workers provide direct services to individuals and families, case managers act as planners and coordinators who develop care plans and connect clients to services and community resources while serving as advocates. Case managers also handle all client administration, tracking, and reporting – easing the burden on busy social workers.

What types of laws and regulations must social work case managers comply with?

Acuity’s social work case management services are delivered in accordance with the following laws and regulations:

• Reno vs. Flores
• Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA)
• Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
• PII/PHI laws
• American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Do No Harm Act
• Conflict of interest laws

And in compliance with guidelines from the following guidelines:
• National Association of Social Workers
• American Medical Association
• American Nursing Association

We are also governed by social work best practices, trauma informed care, social work ethics, and financial controls, and our management practices are guided and upheld by Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.

Social Work Case Management Services – Partner with Acuity International

Effective social work requires effective case management.

Our agile, interdisciplinary, and responsive social work case management services can help streamline complex social work cases, ensure compliance, and improve outcomes.

Contact us to learn how our social work case management services can help you coordinate all case management activities and make a transformative lifelong impact to the lives of individuals and families in need.