Policies & Guidelines

As a company dedicated to continuous improvement, we are continually updating our Ethics & Business Conduct policies, which supplement our Code of Conduct and outline the responsibilities of the company at all levels to promote quality, safety, and an ethical culture. Copies of our policies are available upon request.

Human Rights Commitment

Acuity’s operations and personnel must comply with established international standards of law, respect for human rights, and fundamental freedoms. Our policy is to insist that every employee, operation, and business process be aligned and in compliance with accepted international standards for law, human rights, and ethical value systems.

Read the Statement of Commitment: Human Rights
Global Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-corruption laws such as the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act generally prohibit payment or offers of even small amounts to government officials. Acuity’s policy considers non-compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws to be a breach of our Code of Conduct, resulting in employee discipline—up to, and including, termination.

Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy describes common forms of conflict of interest, providing requirements and guidance for employees (including executive officers and directors), consultants, and subcontractors. This ensures that Acuity’s business transactions are conducted in accordance with the law and that our reputation for honesty and integrity is not compromised.

Environment Management

Acuity is committed to environmental stewardship across all company operations. We conduct our business in a manner that: protects the environment by respecting air, water, and land resources; uses energy and materials efficiently; and supports conservation programs. This policy establishes our environmental principles, including our commitment to the prevention of negative environmental impacts as a consequence of our work performance.

Ethics in Procurement Policy

This policy sets forth Acuity’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and procurement integrity by our employees engaged in the procurement process. It provides Acuity personnel with direction and guidance in the conduct of all procurement operations.  All suppliers must comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct or its own policies and procedures that comply with federal acquisition regulations.

Restricted Party Screening Policy

Before engaging with an entity or providing any hardware, software, or technical data or services, Acuity screens that entity to ensure full compliance with laws and regulations of the countries where we do business. We screen for possible restricted parties, proliferation activities, risk of diversion of unauthorized users or uses, military end users, and activities related to certain foreign boycotts.

Export & Anti-Boycott Policy

This policy prohibits export, re-export (whether consisting of a product, information, or service), or any transaction that is contrary to law, regulation, or Acuity’s policies or procedures governing international transactions. Our Export Control Compliance Officer is responsible for implementation, oversight, and maintenance of this policy to ensure Acuity fully complies with the export laws and regulations in every country where we conduct business.

Quality Management

The purpose of this policy is to outline Acuity’s guiding principles that demonstrate our commitment to organizational excellence and customer service. The focus of this policy is to maintain quality through continuous improvement and risk management, using an integrated management system that provides a framework for measuring and improving performance.

Occupational Safety & Health

Acuity is committed to delivering high-quality services in a manner that actively manages risk, prevents accidents, and ensures the safety of our employees, contractors, and the public. This policy presents the occupational safety and health tenents that guide our operations, including a recognition that it is better to implement measures to prevent an injury than respond to it.

Risk Management Plan

The Acuity Risk Management Plan identifies areas that may have a negative impact on our overall strategic direction and drives decisions that mitigate these identified risks, detect misconduct, and remove potential barriers to success.

Anti-Retaliation & Reporting Policy

Acuity encourages employees to report any concerns and provides for online or telephonic reporting from anywhere in the world. To ensure that individuals feel safe from retaliation, we offer anonymous reporting and prohibit retaliation against individuals who raise concerns or participate in any internal investigation.