Acuity International is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards with integrity fostering our culture of inclusion, diversity, and transparency.

Our leadership team and Board of Directors follow strict governance practices that encourage ethical decision-making based on clearly defined guidelines. This helps to achieve our objective of making all employees, partners, clients, and the public fully aware of how we advance our ethical culture while also achieving strong business results.

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Code of Conduct

Our Office of Ethics & Business Conduct supports our businesses and employees in their efforts to uphold the highest ethical standards. Led by our Chief Compliance Officer, the office provides expert advice, training, and assistance in the areas of:

  • Ethics
  • Privacy
  • Export Controls

We encourage best practices while monitoring legal and regulatory compliance throughout all of Acuity’s business processes, and investigate reports of where we may have fallen short. The office strives to ensure every employee is aware of—and follows—Acuity’s Code of Conduct.

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Environmental Sustainability

Acuity is committed to environmental stewardship across all programs leveraging our certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, complying with applicable environmental regulatory requirements and industry best practices. We are thoroughly committed to:

  • Being a leader in improving environmental quality by minimizing emissions, recycling, and controlling environmental impacts and aspects.
  • Systematically integrating environmental management and work practices, at all levels, so that workers, the public, and the environment are protected.
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Acuity International has a 24-hour hotline managed by a third-party that is available to all employees, contractors, and others with concerns. Retaliation against an individual for filing a report is prohibited.


United States: 844.665.2945

Iraq collect: 1.704.526.1132