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Device Inspection Analysis Laboratory

DIAL is an independent testing lab for network devices designed to find vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. We provide complete, end-to-end solutions that reduce the risk of data security breaches and compliance failures in IOT. Our service team provides thorough inspection and analysis to help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities, weakness, and risks in your network infrastructure. This is a proactive approach for any organization or team looking to address security weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. We perform individualized inspections of wired and wireless devices, computer equipment, hardware and more.


  • Secure mobile OS development
  • System and architectural security
  • Operating system internals
  • Network security
  • Authentication and authorization technology
  • Forensics inspection and analysis
  • Exploit development and fuzzing
  • DoD Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) development and validation
  • Black-box, Gray-box, White-box testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and SELinux for AndroidTM
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Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

A state-of-the-art technology lab for independent verification and validation (IV&V) of products and systems, including systems composed of multiple hardware and software elements. The DIAL team’s vulnerability assessment details all observable security strengths and weaknesses identified during testing and analysis. Understanding the potential vulnerabilities enables our customers to mitigate security liabilities and deploy with the confidence that their system is appropriately protected.DIAL gives you the benefit of commercially available and in-house developed tools from some of the top subject matter experts in the industry providing you with state-of-the-art testing capabilities without having to acquire them yourself.

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We Approach This Like Attackers Would

The DIAL team uses an a platform agnostic approach. Our time-proven systems and processes help our customers maintain a strong defense against bad actors. Receive unbiased assessments of risk and security through our independent validation services before critical breaches happen.

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