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Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System Case Study

Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System

Since 2001, Acuity has held the Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System (TRACES) Development, Maintenance, and Support contract with the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville. Through this contract, Acuity provides the Tri-Service cost engineering community with quality state-of-the-art software tools. Successful performance on this contract resulted in Acuity being awarded follow-on contracts in 2006 and again in 2012.

Through this contract, Acuity was tasked with redesigning the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers process for accessing Area Cost Factors (ACF), which are the foundation for the cost databases used throughout the cost estimating community. An existing Windows-based application was replaced with a more user-friendly web-based application that could be accessed by multiple levels of users, including the assigned responsible agency (and its government contractor), who would have the ability to update pricing information in the built-in databases, and the end-user. The redesigned ACF application provides integration with several programs, including MII, HII, and nServo.

Acuity has worked in partnership with USACE to develop a suite of tools that includes Mii, Hii, Area Cost Factors, and Cost Book/Unit Price Book.


  • Federal


  • Huntsville, Alabama, USA


  • Technology Solutions
  • Development, Maintenance, and Support


Other Services Acuity Has Provided Under The TRACES Contracts:

  • Adding features and functions to Hii, which is the cost engineering community‚Äôs central electronic repository for the collection of historical construction cost information for military projects. Acuity most recently designed and developed a civil works module and a web-based file repository to house estimates and supporting project files.
  • Streamlining and integrating the assembly selection workflow into the TRACES portal, which included creating an assembly database based on existing cost book data structures, developing user interface screens to access and view the assembly data, developing a drill-down screen to display all assembly components, and creating a process for users to select one or more assemblies or download into Mii or other TRACES modules.
  • Making ongoing enhancements to MCACES, Mii, and providing training and support in the use of the software to cost estimators from USACE, other federal agencies, and A-E firms.

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