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Acuity International Donates Personal Protective Equipment to Organizations in Florida and Texas

Acuity International recently donated more than 15,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) items to organizations in Florida and Texas. The donations, which included face shields, infrared thermometers, disinfectant cleaner, hand sanitizing wipes, and goggles, were made to Sharing Center of Central Brevard in Rockledge, Fla.; Valley Regional Medical Center (VRMC) in Brownsville, Texas; Valley Baptist Medical Center (VBMC) in Harlingen, Texas; and a medical facility that provides community outreach in El Paso, Texas.

“Your gift of personal protective equipment has already made an impact to those in need,” said David Brubaker, President & CEO of Sharing Center of Central Brevard. “I would like to personally thank you for making our work possible. Your kindness greatly supports our emergency basic needs programs and provides assistance and guidance to those in our community who are struggling to obtain life’s most basic needs.”

As one of the nation’s leading occupational health and wellness providers, Acuity offers flexible and customizable health services and on-site medical capabilities to help businesses and industries meet their regulatory compliance requirements, manage periodic medical exams, and facilitate health certification testing. Acuity provides occupational medical support and exam management services throughout the United States, including COVID-19 testing and screening, return-to-work services, and contact-tracing programs to help businesses manage and maintain healthy workforces. For additional information about these nationwide programs, and Acuity’s on-site mobile medical services and occupational health exams in Florida, please email medicalmgtsolutions@acuityinternational.com.

Employees provide responsive medical care around the world, often to areas challenged by conflict, geography and geopolitics. Advanced healthcare services include managing and staffing on-site health clinics and hospitals and are customized to meet the unique needs of U.S. government and military personnel, contractors, third-country nationals, local civilians, and coalition forces.

“As we work toward growing into Acuity this fall, the company is planning further corporate social responsibility initiatives to make real differences globally,” Stalick said. “We welcome partnering with other companies that align with our values of service in the areas of global missions, advanced technology and advanced medical.”

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