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Ensure that your workers are physically capable of returning to work and/or performing their duties safely and productively.

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Why Choose Acuity Fit for-Duty Exam Services

Fit-for-duty exams help employers ensure that their workforce is fit and capable of performing jobs safely and productively.

Acuity offers comprehensive fit-for-duty and return-to-work exams – whenever and wherever they are needed 24×7.

We provide responsive, flexible, and scalable programs that are tailor-made for an employer’s unique needs and risks. Our cost-effective solutions are backed by robust, centralized health analytics for ease of case management, including real-time exam tracking and reporting, data management and transmission, physician medical review services, and more.

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What We Do

  • Fit-for-duty/return-to-work medical exams
  • Job performance evaluation (ability to perform essential functions)
  • Pre-placement exams (post-offer screening, including drug and alcohol testing, behavioral assessment, physical testing, etc.)

Ensure compliance with OSHA and other regulatory requirements

Adaptable, flexible, and scalable programs for employers’ unique needs, job descriptions, and risks.

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Qualified and certified medical examiners

A network of more than 11,000 healthcare providers and certified medical examiners in 50 states and U.S. territories.

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Convenient and efficient scheduling

A seamless, integrated process backed by 24/7 customer service, from exam scheduling to real-time tracking.

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What is a Fit-for-Duty Exam?

A fit-for-duty physical is often required when an employee returns to work after injury or illness. These exams help determine if an employee is physically and mentally prepared to perform their role.

Fit-for-duty exams (also known as fitness-for-duty exams) are performed when onboarding new employees or returning employees who have experienced health issues, or injuries, or are returning from FMLA leave.

A fitness-for-duty evaluation includes the following:

  • A fit-to-work physical exam (vision, hearing, etc.)
  • Physiological evaluation (injury, fatigue, alcohol and drugs, etc.
  • Psychological assessment

Fit-for-duty exams are legal. However, because they may reveal information about an employee’s disability, they are regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). An employer may require a fitness-for-duty exam of an employee with a disability only if the exam is related to their position and consistent with business necessity.

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Benefits of Regular Fit-for-Duty Exams

Fit-for-duty tests benefit employees by ensuring they get jobs they are fit for. They also boost retention since employees know their employer values their wellness and a safe workplace – reducing the cost of employee turnover.

It’s important that employers perform regular fit-for-duty exams to ensure that employees are not discriminated against, just because they had one bad day on the job.

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Our Services

With over 48 years of industry experience, Acuity is one of the nation’s leading providers of fit-for-duty and return-to-work exam services to federal, commercial, and international clients.

Acuity focuses on people, experience, performance, and understanding customers’ unique goals and objectives. We deliver fit-for-duty exam services tailored to each organization’s needs, risks, and compliance requirements.

Our diverse client-focused fitness-to-work evaluations are customized to meet any configuration, including dispersed workforces. And our exam management services make it easy for organizations to maintain overall employee health, increase productivity, and comply with regulations.

Our services focus on any type of job, including:

  • At-height work
  • Transportation
  • Dealing with the hazardous material
  • Operating equipment and heavy machines

We streamline and manage the exam process with proven program management expertise, mobile and onsite medical services, and state-of-the-art technology. Our repeatable processes consistently yield positive and predictable outcomes.

From exam scheduling through real-time tracking to physician medical review and determination reporting, our centralized data-driven process is seamless, integrated, and backed by 24/7 customer care.

Acuity’s physical exam provider network includes more than 11,000 healthcare providers in 50 states and the U.S. territories. We perform more than 200,000 medical exams annually in the U.S. alone and can quickly ramp up to manage even the most widespread physicals for work programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fit-for-duty mean?

Fit-for-duty/fitness-for-duty means that an employee is fit to complete the functional duties associated with their position – safely and without injury to themselves or others. 


An examination or fit-for-duty certification is often required when onboarding or returning employees to a labor-intensive role (often after a leave of absence) that involves heavy lifting, operating machinery, or military exercises.


Fitness-for-duty can also be assessed if an employee is having trouble completing the necessary functions of their job, is exhibiting carelessness, has coordination issues, or is making mistakes.

What happens during a fitness-for-duty exam?

A fit-for-duty exam is conducted by a medical professional. During the assessment, the professional will examine an employee’s:


  • Physical abilities (vision, hearing, etc.)
  • Mental and behavioral health (such as the ability to handle the psychological pressures of the job)
  • Functional limitations


The exam does not determine a person’s disability and an employer cannot discriminate against an employee with a disability.

Why is fit-for-duty important?

An employer may require that employees take part in fit-for-duty exams to ensure that they can complete the necessary functions of their job – safely and without risk of injury to themselves or others.


These tests are especially important if the employee is exhibiting problems performing their work safely.  


Fit-for-duty is most often required in high-risk jobs, such as those that involve heavy machinery or equipment, high-risk job sites (construction, etc.), and the military.

What is a fit-for-duty Army exam?

A fit-for-duty exam or physical evaluation is used in the military to determine if a soldier is physically fit to perform the duties required of his/her office, grade, rank, or rating.

What is the difference between FFD and RTD?

A fit-for-duty (FFD) exam is used to establish if a worker is physically and mentally fit for a specific job.  

A return-to-duty (RTD) exam screens for drugs and alcohol use among people engaged in safety-sensitive jobs, such as operating a commercial vehicle.

Fit-for-Duty and Return-to-Work Exams – Partner with Acuity International

Industry-specific Fit-for-duty exams are an important part of maintaining occupational health and workplace safety. A fitness-for-duty evaluation also helps workers return to work without re-injury.

At Acuity, we combine our fit-for-work exam services with advanced technology and a widespread provider network to give organizations 24/7 access to scheduling, exam status notifications, case management reporting, and more.

Contact us to learn how our fit-for-duty exam team can help you maintain a safe and healthy workforce.