Optimize Construction Project Budgets and Reduce Risks with Cost Engineering Services

Acuity’s comprehensive cost engineering services streamline construction project costs, ensure budget compliance, and keep construction projects on track.

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Why Choose Acuity Cost Engineering Services

Managing costs and mitigating risk throughout the project lifecycle is key to any successful construction project.

With accurate cost engineering services, project owners ensure their projects stay on schedule and on budget – even in the face of unpredictable economic headwinds and supply/demand challenges.

Acuity specializes in cost engineering services to help clients achieve their cost goals for construction projects. Our team of experts uses advanced cost management and value engineering techniques and software to evaluate project costs, develop accurate estimates, and monitor costs throughout the project lifecycle. We also provide cost analysis and forecasting to ensure that projects stay on budget and all risks are mitigated.

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What We Do

  • Cost estimating
  • Value engineering studies
  • Independent estimate validation
  • Economic and budget analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Risk analysis, management, and mitigation
  • Project controls

Qualified and certified professionals

A team of cost engineering experts with over 580 years of tenure and professional certifications in cost management, project management, scheduling, Six Sigma, Engineering in Training, and more.

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Accurate cost estimation

Proven, data-driven cost engineering for accurate, predictive, on-time cost estimation and control.

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Cost monitoring throughout the project lifecycle

Acuity ensures the highest levels of accuracy and quality in cost management through concept design, acquisition, contract award, and project execution.

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What are Cost Engineering Services?

Cost engineering services ensure optimal decision making and risk mitigation throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

Acuity’s cost engineers leverage best practices in cost estimation, cost control, estimate validation, financial and profitability analysis, planning and scheduling, change control, and more.

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Benefits of Cost Engineering Services

Design and construction projects are dynamic. Costs can change rapidly, and project design can deviate at any moment, impacting parameters, planning, schedules, and budgets.

Cost engineering services minimize risk and uncertainty at every phase of the construction lifecycle.

Cost engineering services utilize engineering techniques, practices, and skillsets to predict project progress and identify deviations early on. An early cost and risk estimate is performed to identify the resources and materials required for a project. In budget-constrained environments, value engineering studies are conducted to recommend alternative vendors and design features.

Cost engineering services also ensure cost control by evaluating and mitigating potential deviations from baseline controls and cost overruns during acquisition and execution.

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Our Services

For more than 48 years, Acuity’s experienced and certified cost engineering team has helped commercial, federal government, and international customers estimate, analyze, and manage costs in line with their project targets.
Our customizable services include cost estimation, lifecycle cost analysis, value engineering studies, risk analysis, project scheduling, baseline development and maintenance, contractor cost validation, project cost and schedule tracking, mitigation recommendations and actions to minimize cost overruns.

Acuity takes a systematic approach to managing cost throughout the lifecycle of any construction project. This is accomplished through the application of cost engineering and cost management principles, proven methodologies, and technology for new construction cost estimating, existing facility renovation, alteration estimating, and model-based price and bill-of-material estimates.

We use an extensive network of cost engineers to create reliable and accurate quality planning, cost estimating, scheduling, reporting, performance measurement, and change control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cost engineering and cost estimating?

Cost estimating is the practice of estimating the future costs associated with new construction, facility renovation, alterations, and bill of materials.

Cost engineering goes one step further to help plan and manage resources, support informed decision-making, and mitigate risks throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

How do cost engineering services reduce project risks?

Cost engineering services reduce project risks by mitigating the risk of price increases, inaccurate proposals, and cost overruns.

Importantly, cost engineering incorporates lessons learned from previous project experience and data-driven insights to provide an early understanding of design and construction decisions and risks during the conceptual design phase and throughout the lifecycle of the project. With these insights, mitigative actions can be recommended to ensure successful project outcomes.

What industries can benefit from cost engineering services?

Cost engineering services can benefit any sector that deals with complex projects and cost pressures, including government agencies (civilian and defense) and industries including automotive, commercial builders, civil engineering, oil and gas, chemical, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

What qualifications do your cost engineering experts have?

In addition to graduate and post-graduate degrees, Acuity’s cost engineering team holds the following professional accreditations:

• Engineering in Training (EIT) certification
• Cost certification (CCT/CCP/CEP)
• Project management certification (PMP/CAPM)
• Scheduling certification (PSP/CST)
• Risk management certification (RMP)
• Earned value certification (EVP/EVMS/AVS)
• Six Sigma certification
• Professional Engineer license (PE)

Can cost engineering be applied to projects at any stage of development?

While projects can be cost engineered at any stage of the construction lifecycle, the earlier in the planning and design stages the better. This is where cost engineering creates the most value – making the best use of the available budget and resources.

But it shouldn’t end there. Construction project owners can keep their projects on track and within budget by applying cost engineering principles and methodologies across the entire project lifecycle.

Cost Engineering Services – Partner with Acuity International

Achieve cost goals for construction projects, make informed decisions, and minimize risks with Acuity cost engineering services.

With our comprehensive cost engineering services, advanced technology, and a large network of cost engineers, we help project owners manage complex, dynamic, and budget-constrained construction projects.

Contact us to learn how our cost engineering services can help you optimize construction project budgets and reduce risks.