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Global Security Services

Acuity’s global security services help protect people, assets, resources, and commodities against threats of all types. Whether it’s securing critical infrastructure like military bases and government and commercial facilities, or providing personal protection for diplomatic and government officials overseas, we are a trusted partner for complex security needs.

We integrate operation and mission planning, risk management, security services, state-of-the-art technology, and training to deliver superior global protective services and risk management solutions designed to detect and deter the full spectrum of threats. Our distinct qualifications include being the first U.S. company to meet worldwide American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) PSC.1-2012 standards, which ensure the quality of private security operations in support of international defense and diplomatic security missions.

Our Global Security Services Include:

  • Vulnerability & infrastructure assessments
  • Mobile & static protection services
  • Technical & physical systems assessments
  • Integrated technology & electronic surveillance
  • Intelligence monitoring & reporting
  • Mobile & personnel services
  • Threat identification & risk mitigation analysis
  • Preventative training
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Maximizing Efficiency

Acuity leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize resources, minimize costs, increase safety, and enhance situational awareness. Our electronic security solutions employ biometric authorization, the latest access control systems, predictive analytics, advanced perimeter security tools, and encrypted communications.

Acuity’s Security Operations Center (SOC) provides mission oversight to ensure optimal protection and risk management. Our SOC is equipped with redundant communications capabilities and satellite tracking systems that support risk monitoring and mitigation and help manage client movement and the deployment of quick-reaction force personnel.

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High-Threat Protective Services

Acuity protects diplomatic support personnel and visiting dignitaries in dangerous environments. This assignment requires the best security professionals in the world, and our high-threat protective services team consists only of professionals who meet Acuity’s stringent mental, physical, and moral qualifications.

In addition to basic static and mobile security, our team is trained and continuously revalidated in every aspect of threat analysis, mitigation, and deterrence. The goal is to prevent potential incidents before they become actionable. The result: no significant incidents have taken place under Acuity’s watch.

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Preventing Fires and Electrical Accidents

From making a cup of coffee to checking emails, most daily tasks require electrical power. Acuity’s Task Force SAFE was created to ensure that electrical safety and fire prevention are always on the minds of service members and contractor employees deployed to dangerous and austere locations.

Acuity’s employees use immediate and long-term measures to take steps to significantly reduce the number of fire and electrical incidents. Their work ensures the safety of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, Marines, and contractors.

Partner with Acuity International

We understand the value of providing opportunities to diverse suppliers and recognize the critical role that teaming with other companies can play in achieving mission success. To provide superior global protective services and risk management solutions, we routinely collaborate with companies of all sizes, including best-in-class small, veteran-owned, woman-owned, and minority-owned businesses that have capabilities and resources that augment or complement our products and solutions.

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