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Munitions Response & Demilitarization Services

Acuity specializes in military munitions response, mine action, and demilitarization services. We use controlled processes to make munitions, ammunition, and weapons safe and unusable – even if they fall into the wrong hands.

Our teams have more than 30 years of experience and work in some of the most demanding environments around the world. In fact, they’ve cleared more than 1.2 billion square meters of explosive hazard-containing areas in more than 30 countries.

We support customers like the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of State, foreign governments and militaries, and humanitarian and commercial organizations. We address unique challenges associated with munitions response and demilitarization services, including clearance and remediation of explosive hazards, and associated environmental concerns. Our personnel has experience working in a variety of site conditions, including terrestrial and underwater, urban, and austere locations.

Acuity is ISO 9001:2015-certified and operates in compliance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP), and International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

What We Do

  • Munitions & explosives management
  • Demilitarization, detection, and remediation of unexploded ordnance & explosive remnants of war (ERW)
  • Improvised explosive device (IED) defeat
  • International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) demining
  • Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) assessments response, diagnostics, & remediation
  • Military munitions construction support
  • Range sustainment
  • Training, capacity building, & curriculum development
Munition team in the field


Innovative Tools, Techniques, and Technologies

Acuity integrates the latest technologies and best practice techniques into our munitions response and demilitarization services. Our preferred technologies include advanced geographic classification, digital geophysical mapping of explosive remnants of war (ERW), robotics, drones, and incineration. These tools help our professionals detect, characterize, and remediate sites affected by military munitions. They increase predictability, improve safety, and reduce costs.

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Restoring Cancer Treatment in Iraq

Acuity’s explosive ordnance experts found more than 50 devices in an explosive-contaminated hospital housing two of Iraq’s four radiation therapy machines. The cancer hospital, located in Ramadi, had suffered damage from ISIS’s efforts to raze it.

The team cleared a safe path through the building, allowing doctors to safely access the machines. They restored access to technology that was essential to the well-being of patients, effectively doubling Iraq’s ability to treat and fight cancer.

Munition team in the field


Range Cleanup Saves Lives

Acuity completed a five-year mission clearing ordnance from 62 now-closed U.S.-operated ranges in the Middle East. The mission included removing unexploded ordnance and ammunition on the surface and subsurface of the ranges. Acuity hired and trained workers from local communities to assist in munitions response at each work site.

The removal of the unexploded ordnance denied insurgents the chance to gather unexploded content and use improvised explosive devices (IEDs) targeting U.S. service members. It also improved the safety of the civilian population.

Partner with Acuity International

We understand the value of providing opportunities to diverse suppliers and recognize the critical role that teaming with other companies can play in achieving mission success. To provide superior munitions response services, we routinely collaborate with companies of all sizes, including best-in-class small, veteran-owned, woman-owned, and minority-owned businesses that have capabilities and resources that augment or complement our products and solutions.

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