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Keep your employees safe and your business running smoothly with our customizable mobile COVID testing solutions.

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Why Choose Acuity Mobile COVID Testing Services?

Mobile COVID testing services help employers maintain workplace health and manage safe return-to-work (RTW) and continuity of operations.

Acuity offers comprehensive mobile COVID testing services – whenever and wherever they are needed.

We are one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce mobile medical testing and health management services to the U.S. government and international and commercial clients.

Our Rapid Response teams provide convenient, fast, and reliable COVID testing services so employers can track their employees’ health status, make informed decisions, and expedite return-to-work timeframes.

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  • On-site and mobile COVID testing
  • PCR and rapid antigen COVID tests
  • COVID antibodies (IgG) testing
  • COVID vaccinations
  • Employee screening and health assessments
  • Employee tracking for safe return-to-work and continuity of work
  • Workplace assessment and reporting
  • Experienced medical staff and workforce management personnel

Customized to meet the specific needs of your company

Convenient and reliable COVID testing and return-to-work screening programs for employers’ unique needs, industry, job descriptions, and risks.

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Qualified and certified testing professionals

A network of more than 11,000 healthcare providers and certified testers in 50 states and the U.S. territories – ready to support any mobile COVID testing need.

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Convenient and efficient implementation

Our mobile health services and COVID testing teams provide a seamless, integrated process backed by 24/7 customer service – from test scheduling to real-time results tracking.

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What is Mobile COVID Testing?

As cases of COVID continue, mobile COVID testing services ensure that workers are properly tested and screened. Tests are administered onsite – typically at the workplace – reducing downtime and ensuring continuity of operations. Rapid antigen tests and more accurate PCR tests are available and administered by licensed technicians.

COVID testing services can be paired with antibody screening and on-site vaccinations (Pfizer or Moderna).

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Benefits of Mobile COVID Testing

Mobile COVID testing services, including PCR and rapid antigen tests, help organizations screen employees for infection – wherever and whenever needed.

With insight into employee health status, employers can track who is fit to work, track status, and make informed decisions about when employees can return to work.

Mobile COVID testing services support workforce testing across various industries where regular testing is needed, including healthcare, first responders, manufacturing, food services, schools, transportation, and more.

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Our Services

With over 48 years of industry experience, Acuity is one of the nation’s leading mobile COVID testing and reporting services providers to federal, commercial, and international clients.

Our responsive, flexible, and scalable mobile COVID testing programs are tailored to meet an employer’s unique needs, risks, and compliance requirements.

With fully licensed Rapid Response Team members, specialized screening tools, proven program management expertise, mobile and onsite medical services, and state-of-the-art technology, we streamline and manage the entire workforce COVID testing process.

From rapid antigen and PCR test scheduling to real-time tracking and determination reporting, our centralized data-driven process is seamless, integrated, and backed by 24/7 customer care.

Acuity’s provider network includes more than 11,000 healthcare providers, nurses, clinicians, and certified testers in 50 states and U.S. territories ready to perform COVID and return-to-work screening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using mobile COVID testing for our organization?

Mobile COVID testing services help organizations protect the health and wellness of their workforce and the public with convenient on-site testing options that minimize lost work hours and ensure compliance with health and safety guidelines.

Employees stay on-site, gain access to high-quality, reliable testing and screening programs, and resume work quickly.

Acuity also tests, monitors, and screens employees who have tested positive for COVID to assess their health and ability to return to the workplace.

How reliable are the results of mobile COVID testing compared to laboratory testing?

Mobile COVID testing services, including PCR and rapid antigen tests, are administered by professional healthcare practitioners. Verification of results is included in our services.

What types of COVID tests can be conducted through mobile COVID testing services?

Acuity’s mobile COVID testing services use multiple ways of testing employees, including:

  • Rapid antigen tests: Results available in approximately 15 minutes.
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests: The most accurate COVID test. These detect genetic virus material and can be performed with same-day results.
  • Antibody testing: A blood test that detects SARS-CoV2-IgG positivity. Detection may suggest immunity from the virus, although the results are not 100% certain.

What measures are taken by mobile COVID testing providers to ensure the safety of our employees and their health information?

Laws, including HIPAA and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), require that employers treat employee health information as confidential.

Acuity’s mobile COVID testing services handle all employee information, including personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and COVID test results as a confidential file separate from a job candidate or employee’s general file. Test results are only shared on a need-to-know basis with the relevant department.

Are COVID-19 mobile testers experienced?

All Acuity’s mobile COVID technicians are trained in administering COVID tests. Our Rapid Response teams include licensed clinicians, medical examiners, and more.

Mobile COVID Testing Services – Partner with Acuity International

Ensure employee health and safety, reduce lost productivity, and manage return-to-work programs more effectively with Acuity mobile COVID testing services.

At Acuity, we combine a broad range of mobile medical and on-site delivery options, state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Units, advanced technology, and a widespread provider network to give organizations a 24/7 healthcare advantage.

Contact us to learn how our mobile COVID testing teams can help you maintain a safe and healthy workforce.