Ensure Workplace Safety and Compliance with Our Mobile Drug Testing Services

Protect your workforce, reduce employee health costs, and decrease absenteeism, accidents, and downtime with comprehensive mobile drug testing services.

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Why Choose Acuity Mobile Drug Testing Services?

Industry research shows that a single employee with an untreated substance abuse disorder will cost their employer approximately $7,000 annually in excess healthcare expenses, absenteeism, and turnover costs.

Mobile drug testing services help employers maintain workplace safety and ensure compliance with applicable state or federal regulations.

Acuity offers comprehensive mobile drug testing services – whenever and wherever they are needed, 24/7.

We provide responsive, flexible, and scalable programs that are tailor-made for an employer’s unique needs and risks. Our cost-effective solutions are backed by robust, centralized health analytics for ease of case management, including real-time test tracking and reporting, data management and transmission, physician medical review services, and more.

For more than 48 years, our experienced occupational health team of Medical Review Officers (MROs) and Medical Review Officer Assistants (MROAs) have provided centralized drug test reviews and results for verification for U.S. government and commercial clients.

This team provides over 1,500 MRO services annually for regulated (including Department of Transportation — DOT) and non-regulated testing.

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What We Do

  • On-site and mobile drug testing (pre-employment and ongoing screening)
  • Rapidly report verified results
  • Direct and secure link to all certified labs
  • Subject matter expertise, guidance, and program management to ensure alignment with federal, state, and local requirements
  • Training on implementing random drug testing programs, identifying donors for reasonable suspicion, and collection processes

Customized to meet the specific needs of your company

Convenient and reliable mobile drug testing and screening programs for employers’ unique needs, industry, job descriptions, and risks.

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Qualified and certified testing professionals

A network of more than 11,000 healthcare providers and certified testers in 50 states and U.S. territories – ready to support any mobile drug testing need.

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Convenient and efficient implementation

Our mobile drug testing services provide a seamless, integrated process backed by 24/7 customer service – from test scheduling to real-time results tracking.

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What is Mobile Drug Testing?

Mobile drug test services bring convenient and licensed drug testing, verification, reporting, and case management services to the workplace.

Testing for drugs is an important preventative measure to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and expedite the applicant hiring process. Employee drug use poses a risk of injury or accident to the individual, their colleagues, and the public – especially if they operate heavy equipment or machinery.

Mobile drug test services may include alcohol, blood, urine, saliva, or hair sample testing options.

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Benefits of Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile and on-site drug testing services are convenient, limit downtime, and keep organizations running.

Employers benefit from knowing they can maintain a drug-free workplace, comply with government regulations (including DOT and DOL laws), and limit potential damages and costs from workplace incidents. Screening also protects employees and is a deterrent against workplace drug use.

Mobile drug testing services can be delivered wherever they are needed, 24/7 — making them a cost-effective alternative to traditional lab-based testing.

Mobile drug testing supports workforce testing across various industries where regular testing is needed, including transportation, healthcare, first responders, government, and manufacturing.

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Our Services

With over 48 years of industry experience, Acuity is one of the nation’s leading mobile drug testing and reporting services providers to federal, commercial, and international clients.

Our responsive, flexible, and scalable mobile COVID testing programs are tailor-made for an employer’s unique needs, risks, and compliance requirements.

Our state-certified Mobile Medical Unit and 24/7 on-site collection services provide compliant and high-quality drug and alcohol testing services for a wide variety of clients and employee populations. In 2021 alone, we conducted more than 61,000 drug screenings.

From test scheduling through real-time tracking to physician medical review and determination reporting, our centralized data-driven process is seamless, integrated, and backed by 24/7 customer care.

Plus, Acuity’s provider network includes more than 11,000+ healthcare providers, nurses, clinicians, and certified testers in 50 states and the U.S. territories. They stand ready to perform drug and alcohol and fit-for-work screening, 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to test an employee for drugs as a condition of employment?

Most states permit employers to test job applicants for drugs or alcohol. However, employees must be notified that testing is part of the interview process. Drug tests must be administered by a state-certified lab/mobile medical unit.

Industries regulated by the DOL and DOT are required by law to test job candidates for drugs and alcohol.

Is it legal to drug test current employees?

Drug testing during an employee’s tenure is typically only permitted if the employer has grounds to conduct random drug tests. For example, if they have reasonable suspicion or cause to believe that an employee is impaired or if they are trying to determine the cause of a workplace accident.

Drug tests can also be used when an employee returns to work following a period in drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

What is the most common drug test for employment?

The most common pre-employment drug test is a urine test. This is generally required once a conditional offer of employment has been made.

What is a five-panel drug test?

A five-panel drug test is a common drug screening exam for employees. The test is used to determine the presence of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, and phencyclidine (PCP). Workplace drug testing may also check for alcohol.

What is a 10-panel drug test?

Employers, particularly those in regulated industries, may require a more detailed 10-panel drug test. This test screens for illicit drugs and commonly abused prescription drugs (barbiturates, methadone, methaqualone, and more).

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Maintain occupational health and safety, reduce lost productivity, and make informed hiring decisions with Acuity mobile COVID testing services.

At Acuity, we combine a broad range of mobile drug testing options, a state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Unit, advanced technology, and a widespread provider network to give organizations 24/7 access to candidate scheduling, on-site collection and verification, test status notifications, case management reporting, and more.

Contact us to learn how our mobile drug testing teams can help you maintain a safe and healthy workforce.