Empowering Children, Young Adults, and Family Units

Through our comprehensive support program, Acuity has guided thousands through the intricate maze of immigration. We ensure that every individual receives the assistance they need throughout the immigration process.

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Our Work

Acuity has helped thousands of young adults and family units navigate the immigration process Acuity’s comprehensive support program helps young adults and family units to: 

Process any trauma experienced during their journey into the United States 

Understand what options are available based on their needs

Develop a plan to address their needs and situation

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How It Begins

Upon their acceptance and during orientation, we begin the process of getting to know each other and to help the participant understand how we can assist themWe perform a thorough general assessment and trafficking screening of each individual to develop an understanding of their medical background, education level, and any psychological effects of their migrant journey. Trafficking indicators are elevated to Department of Homeland SecurityAn assigned Case Manager then works with the individual or family unit to create an Individual Service Plan that establishes time-oriented goals tailored to their circumstances. 

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Level of Need = Uniquely Crafted Plan

The customized plan we develop for each young adult and family unit is fluid. It can quickly pivot depending on individual needs and situation. Our plans are centered around building trust with each individual through a strength-based approach utilizing Trauma-Informed Care. One of our program’s core goals is to create a comfortable environment where individuals feel safe and are able to tell their stories and ask for the help they need. The more we know, the more effective the program can be. 

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The Impact

Young adults are extremely vulnerable to a multitude of risks once they cross the border into the United States.  Left without proper support and guidance, they can become victims of human trafficking, sexual assault, and human exploitation. Our comprehensive support program gives young adults that choose to participate a chance to develop a path that is safe and stableIndividualized care by our professional case managers addresses the emotional wellbeing of each participant and offers a network of professional resources to help them acclimate in the United States. 

Influx Care Facilities & Operations

Acuity has also provided services to unaccompanied children through our ability to stand up and operate influx care facilities in times of need.  From 2018 to 2019, Acuity successfully delivered program support of the Emergency Shelter facilities at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, Long Beach, California and Homestead, Florida. 

Acuity has a thorough understanding of the complexities and challenges facing unaccompanied children and has developed agile, adaptive processes from intake through discharge, accounting for a multitude of contingency situations. 

Our wrap-around services included the following:

  • Staffing and mobilizing over 5,200 trained personnel across 22 labor categories. 
  • Scaling up the staffing and services at the Homestead Influx Shelter to increase bed capacity from 1,350 to 2,350 within 30 days of task order modification. 
  • Providing food, case management, child and youth counseling services, and medical services by trained, licensed, credentialed, and experienced staff. 
  • Providing educational services tailored to the child’s level of development and communications skills, and delivered by highly trained teachers in a planned, structured classroom setting. 
  • Housekeeping, and general and medical waste removal 
  • Emergency action and evacuations planning 
  • Secure, cloud-based data management tools for reporting flexibility 

Andreas Stocker came to the United States as an immigrant from Europe. He has a passion for international relations, earning both his undergraduate (West Virginia University) and graduate (Johns Hopkins University) degrees in the discipline. Andreas spent multiple years working as a translator and a paralegal for an international law firm prior to joining the team at Acuity.

He finds his role as Case Manager “extremely satisfying, being able to have a tangible positive impact on the lives of program participants through interpersonal engagement and targeted case plans.”

Andreas Stocker
Case Manager
Katrina has a BA in Psychology and a passion for working with migrant communities. She lived in Spain for 10 years where she experienced the immigration process firsthand, while learning a new culture and language. In 2020, Katrina moved back to the United States, this time with her husband, a native Colombian, and spent over a year going through the American immigration system to secure his green card. She knows the path to citizenship can be challenging to navigate at any age.

“My favorite thing about being a Case Manager is helping young adults get their feet on the ground, so that they can take practical steps towards a stable future.”

Katrina French
Case Manager