PT&C Releases the First Collaborative Cloud-Based Cost Estimating Solution With Native MII Interoperability

With the rapid rise in cloud computing, the Project Time & Cost (PT&C) team, based in Acuity’s Center of Excellence for Construction Engineering, has rolled out a significant update for their cost engineering cloud suite. This is a milestone release of robust features that include Geographic Cost Index (GCI), accelerated database updates, and native MII interoperability.

The growing PT&C team has provided professional services and technology solutions for commercial and federal agencies for nearly 40 years. While their history focuses on consultancy, this release of PT&C CostCenter software and construction cost data will revolutionize the estimating space.

“Cost estimation is both an art and science,” said Frank Richardson, Senior Cost Estimator. “You need reliable cost data and the ability to make immediate adjustments to accommodate unpredictable environments. We’re setting a new standard with the transparency of our cost data by showing you the source of our data and when it was updated.”

The team that supported major parts of the Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System (TRACES), including MII and Area Cost Factors, aims to provide engineers and managers an innovative cloud solution with their newest features.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) teams can leverage the various applications within PT&C CostCenter to ensure they have access to up-to-date information for accurate detailed estimates. Along with construction cost estimation functionalities, seamless USACE/TRACES MII interoperability allows agencies to gain maximum value from their investments. AEC teams, regardless of their physical location, no longer need to worry about MII file versioning and the time required for rework. With PT&C CostCenter, users get a single source of truth to keep projects organized, a view of progress, insights on key financial indicators, and have real-time collaboration for accelerated productivity.

“To empower estimators, our responsibility as engineers and cost experts is to keep our cost database current,” explained Andy Reape, VP of Engineering & Consulting. “For us, it is also essential to provide users a tool where they’re not bound to a single device and can develop complex estimates with teammates spread across the world.”

In this release, PT&C is rolling out an industry-leading white-glove pilot program, a tailored onboarding experience offering users a dedicated success representative, priority support, and a direct line of feedback on product roadmaps. This is an open pilot program that comes with training benefits at no cost and grants users firsthand experience with the newest improvements.

PT&C has delivered solutions within the engineering field for decades and their recent expansion is indicative of the advancements in construction technology. AEC firms that assess their technology stack today, and implement specialized tools sooner, will find it easier to remain competitive. A peek at the larger roadmap within the PT&C CostCenter tools includes exciting capabilities such as assemblies, parametric modeling, and even advanced analytics backed by artificial intelligence.

About Project Time & Cost, LLC:
PT&C is a leading provider of professional services and solutions to U.S. federal government agencies and commercial clients. The company provides consulting, project management, and technological development services. For additional information visit construction cost data. 

PT&C Announces New Cloud-based Software Solutions – Collaborative Construction Cost Book and Estimation SaaS

Project Time & Cost, LLC (PT&C), an Engineering News-Record Top 50 Program Management firm, today announced the launch of PT&C CostCenter. This cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offers an integrated set of tools for agencies and commercial enterprises who need up-to-date construction cost data and efficient solutions for collaborative cost estimating – one of the most secure and advanced cost estimating toolboxes available at market.

PT&C CostCenter acts as an information hub for its cost engineering applications and provides an overarching view of key performance indicators. As users integrate additional PT&C applications into their company workspace, they will find an E2E facilities cost lifecycle ecosystem at their fingertips. These innovative solutions include PT&C CostBook, PT&C CostBase, and PT&C CostPro.

“The tools we’re delivering to market today represent a full integration of capabilities that will reduce risk in cost estimating for construction management,” according to CEO Bob Stalick. “With price volatility in material and labor costs being greater than ever before, we deliver a solution to meet industry demand head-on, with a cost estimation process that is fast, safe and accurate.”

PT&C’s 40 years of experience in providing specialized program management services are the foundation for delivering this capability in a cloud-based platform with deep insight into more than 35,000 cost elements, including historical trends and geographical adjustments. The tools are backed by a team of seasoned cost professionals to support any client need.

“Our users gain increased visibility and efficiency of enterprise facilities management through a centralized application suite,” according to Andy Reape, PT&C vice president. “This built-in modularity allows users to use only the applications they need, giving clients a solution to create detailed estimates based on current, accurate, and defensible cost data.”

PT&C’s mission is to provide the construction industry with smart estimation solutions. The construction software is designed specifically to help solve coordination problems for owners, contractors, engineers, and architects. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, construction teams can have confidence in the accuracy of their cost data, simplified workflows, and better collaboration. With these tools, project managers and developers will have better cost estimates built on up-to-date data reflecting current market trends and labor costs.

PT&C CostBook, which works seamlessly with either estimation solution, provides transparent construction cost data. Maintained by experienced cost engineers, this out-of-the-box solution features over 35,000 searchable constructive tasks alongside an extensive catalog of modern construction materials.

PT&C CostBase is designed to build out simple estimates quickly. PT&C CostPro is a comprehensive cost estimating platform built on decades of expertise calculating accurate assessments of complex construction costs to help customers work efficiently.

“Offering these software tools to our clients will help them do their job better, faster, and with less rework required,” said Reape.

For nearly 40 years, PT&C has provided project management, cost engineering, and custom digital solutions, primarily for federal agencies and large commercial clients. Comprised of a team of dedicated professionals, PT&C has been repeatedly named to ENR’s list of the Top 50 Program Management firms and Top 100 Construction Management-for-Fee firms.

About Project Time & Cost, LLC:
PT&C is a leading provider of professional services and solutions to U.S. federal government agencies and commercial clients. The company provides consulting, project management, and technological development services. For additional information visit